Types of 12”x6”x6” Shipping Boxes for Packing and Moving

Want to make your moving day stress-free? Pick the right shipping boxes. Learn about the types of 12x6x6 shipping boxes and their uses here.Various moving and shipping boxes are available to accommodate different-sized valuables and delicate items. These include:

Small (around 2 cubic feet in size and used for heavier items like crockery, books, etc.),
Medium (around 3 to 4 cubic feet in size and used for lighter items like pillows and linens),
Large (around 4 to 6 cubic feet and used for bulky soft items like blankets and comforters),
And specialty boxes (these are specifically designed for odd-shaped items like mirrors, artworks, etc.).

All serve different purposes and can be used for moving, shipping, and business. Finding the right size for your needs is crucial for proper packing. The most common boxes include 12”x6”x6” shipping boxes. This article will discuss their types and uses.

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12x6x6 Shipping Boxes - Types and Uses
12''x6''x6'' Corrugated Shipping Boxes
12x6x6 are medium-sized shipping boxes ideal for storing large, lightweight items that are bulky and take up extra space. They are among the best shipping boxes as they can reduce dimensional weight excess fees and safely get your valuables delivered. The 12x6x6 shipping boxes are eco-friendly in nature and made from 80% recycled material, ensuring they can be repurposed if damaged during transit.
Key Features
These boxes are ideal for lightweight, bulky items.
They help reduce dimensional weight excess fees.
They are medium-sized boxes used for packing and storage.
12''x6''x6'' Heavy-Duty Single Wall Boxes
What if you want to store and pack heavier items that are large and bulky? We have a solution for that too! The 12x6x6 heavy-duty single-wall boxes have an added layer of corrugated construction that ensures your heavier items are safely delivered without damaging the boxes. These boxes are shipped flat to reduce freight charges and should be packed accordingly. They are commonly used for heavier, fragile items like electronics and machinery.
Key Features
12x6x6 heavy-duty boxes are made of durable material and extra corrugation protection.
These boxes are ideal for shipping heavier items over long distances without fear of damage.
Some heavy-duty boxes moving also have reinforced corners and handles for added support and protection.
12”x6”x6” Multi-Depth Boxes
If you don’t want to stock a large number of various-sized boxes, then go for 12x6x6 multi-depth boxes. These boxes are ideal for storing and shipping different-sized products and valuables in a single box. They are also known as adjustable boxes and have specially scored intervals that can be collapsed or extended to fit the size of the items being shipped, allowing them to be used for a wider range of products. They are highly recommended for businesses and retailers that work with different products.
Key Features
These boxes contain scored intervals that can be collapsed and extended to change the box size.
They can be used for multiple products of different sizes.
They help save space and freight charges.
Packing can be a hassle, but having the right supplies and shipping boxes can make it much more organized and manageable. 12x6x6 shipping boxes are great for odd-shaped and large items that are difficult to pack. We hope our guide helps you pick the right supplies and make moving day stress-free!

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